so here is your drill so can you restore your deleted b-real post um I don't know about this functionality I know that if you delete your video account and you log back in during last 15 days yeah you can just automatically restore your deleted Bureau account but if you delete your burial post by the way you can only delete your one URL post uh latest one I don't think it's possible to restore it so what you should do is that you have uh your memories and then your all your posts are just saved into these memories so I think yeah so now worry here is your backup of your burials and if you you think you did a mistake and deleted the wrong period by the way I have a guide how to do it another video um so just search for it with my username so if you think you did a mistake you can just go to Memories get this photo for your your memories and or something and then yeah I don't know I don't think you can add a screenshot or anything like it but yep and then just add it so yep that's what you can do hope this is helpful

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