Can you see a BeReal music track in Memories?

Can you see a BeReal music track in Memories?

In a recent video transcript, the question of whether a burial music track can be seen in Memories was raised. The video delves into the topic of attaching music to a burial and the relationship it has with memories.

The speaker explains that they have attached music to one of their burials, but when they navigate to the Memories section, they find that there is no music track associated with that particular burial. This leads them to conclude that burial music is not saved to memory.

The speaker acknowledges that this may leave users wondering about the future possibilities of this feature. Is there a chance that burial music tracks will be saved to memories in subsequent updates? The speaker does not have an answer to this question and suggests that the current functionality is how it works.

Overall, it appears that burial music tracks are not currently saved to memories within the BeReal app. As users navigate through their memories, they may find that the music track associated with a burial is missing, leaving behind a silent experience. This limitation raises questions about the significance and importance of sound in preserving memories.

It remains to be seen whether future updates will introduce the ability to include music tracks in the memories section. As technology evolves, software developers often listen to user feedback and implement enhancements based on popular demand. For now, however, users should be aware that burial music tracks will not be saved alongside their memories.

It's interesting to consider the potential impact that music can have when paired with memories. Will the inclusion of music tracks enhance the overall experience and emotional connection to past moments? This is an area that developers may explore in the future as they continue to refine and improve the BeReal app.

In conclusion, while the BeReal app allows users to attach music tracks to burials, these tracks are not currently saved to memories. The absence of music in the memories section raises questions about the future possibilities and integration of sound within the app. Users should stay informed about any updates or changes to the app's functionality that may address this missing feature in the future.

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