Can you see BOTH Selfie camera & back camera while taking a picture in BeReal?

one of the most popular questions about be real is about like you know taking two pictures and when you the the day can I be real there is only one camera on display of course you can switch to front and back but can you see both selfie camera and the back camera at the same time so it's not possible at this moment in the app so photos are taken simultaneously but you cannot view boss lenses at the same time so yeah it's not possible so you just take a photo and then in that process you see that uh yeah you taking a photo and then you take in uh you see like if the back camera what happens that happens and that adds a bit of you know unpredictability to this app where you don't know exactly which picture will be there so a lot of people also unhappy because then you need to delete your burial because you only have two minutes but yeah maybe that would be a really nice feature but that's what it is

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