Can you see friends’/people’s PAST POSTS in BeReal app?

Can you see past bereals?

Yes, you can!

Go to your BeReal account in the top right and open Memories.

BeReal memories is a backup of all your previous BeReal posts, where you can see your old BeReals.

BeReal memories is private only to you.

So, this is how you see your old BeReals.

Can you see people's old BeReals?

While you can see your old BeReals, it is not possible to see people's past BeReals.

BeReal is not like Instagram feed, where you can just go to someone's profile and see their previous posts. In BeReal, posts (yours and other people's) are deleted after 24 hours.

Other people also have Memories, but they are private to them.

So, at the moment you can't see someone's old bereal.

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