Can you see people you blocked in Purp app?

In the world of social networking, it is common for users to have the ability to block unwanted individuals from their profiles or feeds. This feature can help create a more positive and secure online environment for users. With the increasing popularity of the Purp app, many users have been wondering whether they can see the people they have blocked on the platform.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a pleasant one. According to a video transcript we obtained, it appears that users cannot see the people they have blocked on the Purp app. Once a user blocks another person, there is currently no option to unblock them or view a list of blocked individuals. This may come as a disappointment for some users who were hoping for more control over their blocked contacts.

It is worth noting that the Purp app is still in its early stages of development. Therefore, it is possible that this feature may be added in the future as the app evolves based on user feedback and demands. For now, however, users are advised to be mindful and cautious when blocking others on the platform, as there is no immediate way to reverse this action.

In conclusion, if you are an active user of the Purp app, it is important to understand that the current version does not provide a way to see the people you have blocked. As the app continues to develop, it is possible that this feature may be added in the future. Until then, users should carefully consider their actions when blocking others on the platform.

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