Can you see people’s chats in app?

In the app, can you see people's chats? A recent exploration sheds light on this question. The app allows users to create bots and engage in interactions. However, the ability to view chats seems limited based on a quick review.

Upon creating bots in the app, users may notice the option to view interactions. For instance, tapping on the three dots may reveal the number of interactions, indicating people engaging with the bot. Despite this insight, accessing the actual chats or messages exchanged by users appears to be restricted.

Key takeaways from the user's experience include:

  • Created bots attract user interactions
  • The app displays the number of interactions
  • Unable to view or access specific chats or messages
  • Lack of visibility into the content of conversations

While the user's observations indicate a lack of visibility into people's chats within the app, it is important to note that this information is subject to change with app updates and feature enhancements. For users seeking comprehensive transparency on interactions and conversations within the app, further insights and developments may provide clarity in the future.

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