Can you see WHO SENT A MESSAGE in NGL anonymous q&a app?

So can you see who sent a message in NGL app? So if you go to inbox here, tap on the letter and then you can just tap who sends it, and then then you can see this call to action that you need to unlock and then you need to upgrade and become a pro member.

But in fact, I was reading some of the reviews on the App Store of this app, and basically it says that even if you upgrade for 99 per week so it's not per month, it's per week. You'll just see very general, not specific hints.

Yeah, you won't be able to see the exact person and the exact Instagram username. You will just see stuff like, someone who has an iPhone or someone an iPhone from New York or someone on Android from London. It's very general.

NGL bot messages list via!

Of course, if you share your story on Instagram just to close friends, and you have like 10 people in that list and you know where each lives, this can give you a pretty nice hint. But if you send your Instagram story to everyone, then it's just basically it's not going to work probably.

At the moment I'm not aware of any other NGL hacks, that can significantly help.

Also, keep in mind that seems like NGL is using a lot of fake messages from AI bots.

So, yeah, that's what it is. So hope that's helpful.

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