Can you send specific photos to specific people on Locket widget on ANDROID?

so finally look at widget app is on android but there are still some issues uh so on ios unlocked widget you can send different pictures to different friends uh but on android this feature is not available yet so you need to send the same picture to all friends and you can choose who i send it to so that's that [Music] so this is one of the most requested features and fixes that needs to be done you you can send the photos to specific people or react to other people photos like you can on ios uh which are both features people would like to use and some people also can add friends and yeah so yeah on unlock it widget on iphone let me just show you you can select to who you want to send a specific picture so for example i have like the photo i can just take it and then in the bottom i can select to who i want to send it to so i can scroll because i just have one friend here but i can scroll left or right and select to who i want to send it on android you just send in to all friends and you can't send specific pictures to specific people which is a bit yeah annoying because you want to sound like different content like two different friends like you want to send one picture to one friend another to other and all of that so something like that

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