Can you still claim expired grants in Worldcoin?

In WorldCoin, grants have clear deadlines, and it is important to keep track of these deadlines in order to claim them on time. Once a grant's deadline passes, it becomes expired and cannot be claimed anymore. This system ensures fairness and prevents users from accessing grants that are no longer available.

For example, if a grant has a deadline of March 11th, you must make sure to claim it before the deadline passes. After the specified time on March 11th, the grant will expire, and it will no longer be accessible for claiming. This means that you cannot go back at a later date and claim grants that have already expired.

It is crucial for users to stay updated on the deadlines of grants to maximize their benefits in WorldCoin. While it may be disappointing to miss out on claiming expired grants, it is a fundamental rule of the platform that helps maintain its integrity and prevent misuse of the system.

In conclusion, the policy regarding expired grants in WorldCoin is straightforward: once a grant deadline has passed, it cannot be claimed anymore. This rule applies to all users, regardless of when they joined the platform. If you have any further insights or experiences related to claiming grants on WorldCoin, feel free to share them in the comments below. Your input is valuable and can provide additional perspectives on this topic.

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