Can you switch an account in NGL app?

In the recent video transcript, the speaker highlighted concerns regarding account switching within the NGL app. The speaker expressed uncertainty about the account security and the process of logging out. They seemed unaware of how to create an account or maintain privacy within the app.

To address the issue of switching accounts in the NGL app, the speaker suggested a potential solution. According to the transcript, to switch an account, one needs to tap on the "delete account" option located at the bottom of the interface. Subsequently, the user can enter a new Instagram username to initiate the account switch.

While this method may seem straightforward, the speaker mentioned concerns about the security of the accounts within the app. They raised the issue that entering any Instagram username could potentially compromise the privacy and security of the account. This highlights a crucial point for the developers to address and enhance the security features of the app to reassure users about the safety of their accounts.

In conclusion, the NGL app may require improvements in its account management and security features to provide users with a more seamless and secure experience. By addressing these concerns, the app can enhance user trust and satisfaction, establishing itself as a reliable platform for social interactions.

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