Can you try Apple Vision at Apple Store?

Hey everyone, so can you try Apple Vision at Apple Store? So it just depends on the store, like, you know, if you have some, you know, Apple Visions at the Apple Store, like maybe you have bigger Apple Store near you and then you can just sneak in and take a look if they, maybe they just allow that. If not, like the better option is just to download Apple Store app or just go through the Apple website and then you just go to the shop and then on the front page right now you just have this Apple Vision Pro.

Now you need to sign in with your Apple ID, so you need to be already, like, you know, Apple customer, so you need to have already Apple ID available. So let's imagine you already have iPhone and Apple ID, so just go there and then there is a little blue button here, book a demo, and then basically you just need to, you just need to search the city or store where you are and then just book an appointment, as you can see, to book a demo with Apple Vision. So that's like the preferred way to do it. Just go there, select that and then select the time slot available and continue and then just enter your details and confirm that. And you will get 30 minutes of try times, quite a long time. You can try and ask all the features, everything you like, just about that. So that's the preferred way how you can do it.

Of course, if you just, you know, have some Apple Store near you and you just can see, okay, they just have some corner with Apple Vision and then you can just go there and try it out, then don't need to do it. But if you want an in-depth demo, you can just book it for free. You can get like a free demo there and it's like kind of quite nice. So you can just give it a try. So yeah, these are the options. Again, these are free options. You don't need to pay for it. You just need to book that. Yeah. The one thing is, as I said, you need to have like Apple ID, so you can create to book that. So you need to create like, you know, if you don't have any Apple device whatsoever, yeah, then you just need to go to website and some, like create it. I don't know if you can create Apple ID without your Apple device, but that's just what you can do. And yep, just try that. Otherwise, you know, for all these advanced questions, just go in the, either call Apple support or just ask in your Apple Store.

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