Can you turn off 0.5x zoom in BeReal?

so burial camera is zoomed out for you what what what does it mean so basically on your iPhone on on your iPhones um um like for starting from iPhone 12 um there is this issue that default zero five x Zoom is a default uh like setting on when you're taking a picture on Imperial and a lot of people are annoyed by it um like people just asking to add this feature to be disabled on be real app uh so there is no solution to this unfortunately yet maybe it will be when you're watching this video but at the moment it's not so some users proposing some weird Solutions like one item one to zero five Zoom I usually try to take the back facing camera picture first and the risk with the selfie um also you can just go like and just browse through Reddit but I was just doing it for you just browsing for different reality threads I can't find the solution like uh there it doesn't seems to be a solution to this the only thing you can do is to frame the front camera and set it still then swap to the rear camera while sitting still and zoom it's pretty dumb so there you have it that's it at the moment uh yeah so that's that

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