Can you turn off Weekly Recap in YouTube Studio?

In the YouTube Studio mobile app, users may find the Weekly Recap feature to be a bit overwhelming at times. The constant notifications can become a nuisance, especially for creators with multiple channels. However, as of now, there isn't a direct option to disable the Weekly Recaps in YouTube Studio. If you're wondering how to manage these notifications, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Turn off All Notifications: While you can't specifically disable the Weekly Recap notifications, you have the option to mute all notifications from the YouTube Studio app. This way, you won't receive any push notifications on your iOS device. Please note that this action will only affect push notifications and not emails.
  2. Feedback on the Feature: Some users may enjoy the Weekly Recap feature as it provides a quick summary of their channel's performance. However, for others, the frequent notifications can be bothersome. If you have any insights or preferences regarding this feature, consider sharing your feedback with YouTube. Your input could help shape future updates and improvements for the platform.

In conclusion, dealing with the Weekly Recap notifications in YouTube Studio may require some workaround until an official option to disable them is introduced. Whether you appreciate the feature or find it intrusive, exploring ways to manage notifications and sharing your thoughts with the platform can contribute to a better user experience for all content creators.

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