Can you unblock sender in NGL app?

Can you unblock sender in NGL app?

The NGL app is known for its messaging functionality and user-friendly interface. However, one common question that arises among users is whether it is possible to unblock a sender in the app. In this article, we will explore whether this feature exists and how users can manage blocked users.

The answer to the question is quite straightforward - no, you cannot unblock a sender in the NGL app. Once you block a user, it becomes permanent, and you will never receive messages from that person again. This is an important aspect to consider before deciding to block someone.

To block a user in the NGL app, you simply need to tap on the message you received from them. From there, tap the option that says "I just don't like it," and you will then see the option to block the user. This action permanently restricts any further communication from that particular individual.

It is worth reiterating the cautionary note mentioned in the video transcript. Blocking someone in the NGL app should be done with care. Once the block is applied, there is no way to reverse the action. Therefore, users should thoroughly evaluate the necessity of blocking before proceeding.

Moreover, it is essential to note that the NGL app does not provide any built-in functionality to manage or unblock blocked users. Although users may intuitively assume that there is a button somewhere in the app to manage blocked users, this is not the case. The user interface of the app does not offer an option to unblock users once they have been blocked.

In conclusion, while the NGL app allows users to block unwanted senders, it does not provide the capability to unblock them. Once a user is blocked, all communication from them will cease permanently. Therefore, it is advised that users exercise caution when utilizing this feature. It would be wise to thoroughly consider the need for blocking before proceeding, as there is no way to reverse the action once it is done.

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