here is locate widget app um what happens if you delete uh photo from the from the history like can you delete your locket uh widget you just send i don't think you can so basically what happens is that uh yeah if you just tap on three dots and delete photo what happens uh this will only delete the photo from your personal history anyone who you send it to will still be able to view it so yeah so if you just delete that and you send the photo to to some other person that send photo is still like it's it's not deletable so you can only just delete it from your own device from your own history but if you send the locket that's it it can't be deleted at the moment you you can unsend it so yeah in in case you are wondering can you unsend the locket it's not possible maybe it would be a good feature like you know if you if you're sending an email in gmail or something and you have like this 20 second like waiting time where you can undo send and unlock it so that would be pretty cool but other than that that's it

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