Can you use Chai app on Browser?

Chai app has been making rounds on the internet recently for its AI best friend concept. But, can the application be used on a browser or desktop? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Originally, users could access the app by going to, but now it only redirects to the Chai Research website. Currently, the app is only available as an Android or iOS application.

It seems that the developers behind Chai app are focused on creating something more substantial than just a simple chat application. The app aims to build a whole new paradigm in AI best friends, with bots that can change the lives of users. Many users have already reported the positive impact these bots have had on their lives.

It's possible that Chai app is working towards becoming a more extensive start-up, with the capability to integrate with other applications and websites. Currently, users can sign up for the API waitlist or the Chai GPT waitlist, which is pretty cool.

On their website, users can sign up by entering their full name. However, there is no way to use this app on a browser. It seems that Chai app only works as a mobile application at the moment.

In conclusion, Chai app is a fascinating application that aims to change the way we interact with technology and AI. While it isn't available on the browser or desktop, it remains a well-regarded app worldwide. And who knows what the future may hold for this app? Keep an eye on Chai Research to stay up-to-date on all their latest developments.

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