Can you use StationHead app without Spotify Premium?

Can you use the StationHead app without Spotify Premium? Many people have been asking this question, wondering if they can enjoy the features of the app even if they don't have a premium subscription to Spotify. Let's explore whether this is possible or not.

When you try to sign up and create an account in the StationHead app, you will encounter a screen that prompts you to connect your premium streaming service in order to play, listen, and share music. On this screen, you have two options: connect Apple Music or connect Spotify.

If you choose to connect Apple Music, you can enjoy a three-month free trial before committing to a subscription. However, for those who already have a Spotify account, the question arises as to whether they can use the app without a premium plan. Unfortunately, it seems that this is not currently possible.

The reason behind this requirement is that when you start streaming and creating radio shows on the StationHead app, the artists whose music you play need to be compensated. By linking your premium streaming service, you are ensuring that the necessary payments are made, abiding by legal regulations.

While it is technically possible to link a free Spotify account, it appears that you cannot fully utilize the app's features without a premium plan. If you have a free Spotify account and want to join StationHead, you will need to upgrade to Spotify Premium in your country. Once you have upgraded, you can then proceed to join the app with your Spotify account.

In conclusion, the StationHead app does require a premium subscription to Spotify in order to enjoy its full range of features. If you already have Spotify Premium, you can easily link your account and start using the app. However, if you only have a free Spotify account, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan to fully utilize the StationHead app.

It's worth mentioning that this information is based on the current state of the app and its requirements. It's always a good idea to check for any updates or changes in the app's functionality, as advancements are made in technology and app development.

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