Can you use Umax app for free WITHOUT REFERRING FRIENDS?

In the video transcript provided, the user discusses the use of the Umax app without needing to refer friends. The user mentions that while they were able to use the app without an upgrade, they found it necessary to refer friends to receive additional benefits like free scans. However, suggesting that without a platform like a YouTube channel, it might be challenging to refer friends to enter the code.

The user then recommends using the Lmax app, developed by Monkey Brain Labs, as an alternative. This app currently offers a campaign where users can upload a photo and receive results for free without the need to refer friends or upgrade. Additional analysis and advice are available through an upgrade, following a freemium model. After receiving the initial screenshot for free, further detailed analysis and advice require an upgrade.

The user suggests that for a more comprehensive experience, users might need to upgrade to access more detailed analysis and recommendations. The Lmax AI app is referenced as a preferable choice compared to alternative apps like Looks Maxine or other similar apps. The app by Monkey Brain Labs seems to offer a balance between free features and premium upgrades, which could be beneficial for users looking for detailed insights without solely relying on referrals.

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