Can you verify in World Coin WITHOUT ORB?

Can you verify in World Coin WITHOUT ORB?

In the world of cryptocurrency, World Coin is becoming increasingly popular. It offers users the opportunity to claim grants that are equivalent to real-world currency. However, there is one major obstacle that users face when trying to access their claimed funds - verification with Orb.

Orb is a unique device that scans your eyes to confirm your identity as a human being. Without this verification process, users are unable to withdraw their funds. Initially, I assumed that obtaining an Orb would be as simple as ordering it online from platforms like Amazon or eBay. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Orbs are only available at specific locations around the world, making the verification process quite inconvenient.

For instance, in a country like Germany, there are only five Orbs available in the entire nation. Similarly, in the United States, there are just seven Orbs. Moreover, in some countries, such as India, there are no Orbs available at all. This limited availability and the requirement for an appointment further complicate the verification process.

World Coin's website had promised to rapidly increase the number of Orbs in different countries, but they have failed to deliver on that front. They also provided the option to apply and become an Orb operator, installing Orbs in various cities. However, even that process seems to be moving slowly, potentially due to additional requirements and red tape involved.

Desperate users have scoured forums and subreddits in search of alternative ways to verify their accounts without relying on Orb. While some shady options may be discussed on these platforms, currently, there seems to be no legitimate way to bypass the Orb verification process.

The consequences of not being able to verify with Orb are significant. Users have limited time to claim their grants, with a one-year expiration period. Therefore, it is increasingly frustrating for users to be unable to access their funds within the given timeframe.

In some cases, it may be possible to travel to the nearest location that has an Orb available. However, even this comes with its own set of challenges. Reports suggest that even after successfully verifying with Orb, some users still encounter issues with accessing their funds. Therefore, it is essential to consider the cost-benefit ratio before embarking on a journey solely for Orb verification.

For example, if your potential grant amount is around $300 or $400, investing $50 in travel expenses to the nearest Orb location may seem reasonable. However, if the distance is substantial, and the grant amount is only $100, it may not be worth the effort and expenses involved.

It is possible that World Coin may introduce more grants and improve the availability of Orbs in the future. However, for now, users must contend with the challenges associated with the exclusive use of Orb for verification. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether World Coin will address these issues and provide alternative solutions for their users.

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