Can you verify Worldcoin in Africa? Are there orbs in Africa?

In a recent video transcript, the topic of verifying Worldcoin in Africa and the presence of orbs in the continent was discussed. The conversation highlighted the challenges in verifying Worldcoin in Africa, emphasizing the need for orbs to complete the verification process effectively. As the discussion unfolded, it was revealed that the availability of orbs is limited to select locations globally.

The list of countries where orbs are available includes:

  • Chile
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Singapore

However, the transcript pointed out the absence of orbs in Africa, specifically mentioning Kenya and South Africa. It was noted that, unfortunately, orbs are not accessible in Africa at present, necessitating travel to other regions such as Europe, Singapore, or South America to complete the verification process.

The transcript also mentioned Worldcoin's intention to expand the availability of orbs worldwide, suggesting the possibility of introducing more orbs in different regions in the future. Despite these aspirations, the current reality remains that orbs are not yet a feature in Africa.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the current limitations in verifying Worldcoin in Africa due to the unavailability of orbs in the region. While there is hope for broader orb accessibility in the future, for now, individuals in Africa seeking to verify Worldcoin may need to explore alternative locations to complete the verification process effectively.

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