Candy Chat - Random Live Chat - App overview

so what is candy chat up random live chat app so let's just install it and see how it works so let's just use touch id to install uh you can meet new people here yeah you can just have these different messages you can do calls you can chat with everyone in the glove like you know interesting real time chat app did you swipe right many times without response can find people chanting on many platforms come to candy chat many charming girls boys are waiting for you anytime download candy chat now and chat with who you want you don't need to swipe and wait for a match start much start chatting instantly and have fun video chats with people from all over the world so there you have it and so yeah let's just open the app and see how to create an account you can allow or not allow tracking or you can just then create account with apple or facebook or mata how they called now and then okay let's just try to create an account with apple and there you have so now you just have the app and there are chats uh it asking for a lot of permissions uh there you have it so that's your profile just here with all this app just be careful because there are like so many spam apps in this category and they just spike in the charts in the app store but then they just go down and i don't know like what's the reason that every week there is a new trend up in this category but like eighty percent of them are just literally a lot of like you know spam and all those i should just be careful anyways here you can see just the chats they ask you to enable notifications here is how the app looks like um okay so you can see and then you can just request like video chats there is some assistant [Music] there is your profile um there are settings and yeah if you want you can delete an account here easily you can block users or all of that clear cache if you're using a lot of this video chat and apps without clearing cache basically yeah so that's that and hope all this is helpful and thank you for watching

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