Can’t BOOK ORB APPOINTMENT in Worldcoin app…

With the latest update to the WorldCoin app, it has become impossible to book an Orb appointment through the app. Previously, users could simply navigate to settings and select an appointment with Orb. However, the process now seems to have changed significantly.

When attempting to book an appointment with Orb on the app, users may notice that certain countries have very few available locations. Additionally, some locations that require appointments show no available slots after a specific date. The situation appears to be confusing for users as it is unclear whether Orbs have been removed from specific countries or if a new system has been implemented.

In some instances, it appears that Orbs may have been blocked in certain countries altogether. The recent app update seems to have introduced the requirement to book an appointment, but the availability of slots is limited. Users may find it challenging to secure a booking due to the scarcity of slots.

The changes in the WorldCoin app have left some users puzzled and frustrated as they encounter difficulties in scheduling Orb appointments. The situation raises questions about the reliability and functionality of the app's latest update. Users are left wondering about the reason behind these changes and the impact they may have on accessing Orb services through the app.

Overall, navigating the process of booking an Orb appointment in the WorldCoin app has become more complex and uncertain following the recent update. Users are advised to stay informed about any further changes or developments related to Orb appointments within the app.

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