CAN’t CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE in BeReal - what to do?

what to do if you can change your profile picture in burial app so if after selecting and applying a new profile picture you get an error uh try again with the same picture and it should work so this is some kind of weird bug which some small percentage of users is getting um yeah uh and this is just from their burial app notion dot site so let's try it uh so if i go to be real app uh let's see here the real app and then i try to tap on my profile i tap on it again and here i see this camera icon and then i can just go to camera and for example okay i'll just take a photo from here and then i can just choose it and let's see so now it's working fine but if it doesn't work you should just redo it again as i suggested so if i tap save that's basically how it's working and it's working fine you can always reach out to their support contact adbury.all hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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