Can’t change subtitles in Rave app.. Is it a bug?

Users of the popular Rave app have been experiencing a frustrating bug that prevents them from changing subtitles. With the recent app update, tapping on the settings in the top left corner and attempting to change subtitles yields no results. This issue seems to be widespread, as numerous individuals have reported encountering the same bug. Many disgruntled users have expressed their frustration in critical reviews of the Rave app.

This bug appears to have been introduced with the most recent update, causing significant inconvenience for users who rely on subtitles while using the app. The problem started occurring just last week, and it still persists without a fix in sight. Users have also noticed other related issues, such as subtitle not working and audio settings failing to function properly.

Multiple reviews left on the Rave app since December 9th have expressed dissatisfaction with the bug and its impact on the app's usability. Unfortunately, despite the passage of approximately 10 days, the issue has yet to be resolved.

For those currently experiencing this problem, there are a couple of options to consider. One approach is to reach out to Rave's support team for assistance in resolving the issue. While it's uncertain when the bug will be fixed, getting in touch with support may provide some insights or potential workarounds.

Alternatively, users may explore other apps that offer similar functionalities to Rave. Given the severity of this bug and its impact on the viewing experience, finding an alternative app that doesn't suffer from the same issue might be a viable solution in the short term.

In conclusion, the inability to change subtitles in the Rave app appears to be a significant bug introduced with the recent update. Its presence has sparked frustration among the app's user base, as indicated by critical reviews left by affected individuals. With no resolution on the horizon, users are urged to seek support from the Rave team or explore alternative apps until a fix is implemented.

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