Can’t create sweat wallet account… what you can do?

If you are facing difficulties creating a Sweat Wallet account, here are some steps you can take based on a video transcript:

Firstly, ensure that you have the Sweetcoin app installed on your device. This is the primary app needed to create a Sweat Wallet account.

After installing the Sweetcoin app, proceed to create an account. Make sure to connect your health app to easily track your steps.

Consider using the invite code provided in the video transcript to join Sweat Wallet. By inviting friends using your referral link, you can potentially earn five Sweat Coins for each successful invite.

Once the Sweetcoin app is installed, you should be able to log into Sweat Wallet using your Sweetcoin account details. If there are any changes to the login process, follow any updated instructions provided by the app.

During the creation process, make sure to set up a secret phrase. This is essential for logging into your Sweat Wallet account securely.

If you encounter any issues during the login process, such as login errors or missing information, refer to the frequently asked questions section within the app for guidance.

To quickly log in to Sweat Wallet, consider using the "Login with Sweatcoin" option. By accepting and sharing the necessary requests, you should be able to access your account seamlessly.

In case you continue to experience issues or require further assistance, contact support at SWAT for personalized help.

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