Can’t login to app - what you can do?

Are you having trouble logging into the app? It can be frustrating when you encounter errors and cannot access the platform that you use. If you are experiencing login issues with this app, then we have some steps that you can take to troubleshoot.

One user who had difficulty logging into the app shared their experience. The user reported seeing an error message when trying to log in, mentioning that a pop-up displayed a "rejected" message. The user had also attempted to sign up with Apple, but nothing happened.

If you are facing similar issues, then you might want to try out the following solutions:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Slow internet connections are a major reason why you might have trouble logging into an app. Make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable and then try logging in again.

  1. Update the App

Apps tend to release updates that address bugs and issues. You can check if there is an update available for the app and if so, download it and see if it fixes the login issue.

  1. Clear Cache & Data

If your app's data cache is full, it might prevent you from logging in. Clearing your app's cache and data can help resolve the issue. Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to the app settings
  • Choose the Storage option
  • Tap on Clear Cache followed by Clear Data
  1. Try to Log In Through a Different Method

If you are having trouble logging in to the app through one method, try logging in through a different one. In the video, the user found success by logging in to the website via a browser and then using their Google sign-in to access the app.

  1. Contact Support

If all else fails and you are still unable to login to, it's best to reach out to customer support. They can check if there is an ongoing issue that is affecting multiple users, or help you troubleshoot any individual problems that you might be having.

In conclusion, if you are having trouble logging into,  take some time and consider the solutions that we have offered here. They are simple and quick and can help you resolve the login issue.

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