Can’t redeem a code in TestFlight? Super annoying issue…

Can’t redeem a code in TestFlight? Super annoying issue…

Recently, a video transcript surfaced discussing the frustrating issue of being unable to redeem a code in TestFlight within the Apple ecosystem. Developers have expressed their annoyance at this issue, and here are some potential solutions that were mentioned in the video:

  1. If you have ever logged in with a different account in TestFlight, there is a high chance that TestFlight is still attempting to use that account to redeem the code, despite showing the correct user logged in.
  2. To resolve this, try inviting the user from the App Store Connect console instead and then proceed to redeem the code in TestFlight.

The individual in the video shared that the first account connected to the phone is the one used for TestFlight. It took them a couple of days to make it work until they came across a helpful post. By adding the first account emails to the test group and accepting the email invitation, the issue was resolved.

Furthermore, the video transcript highlighted that if you have bought a new phone, logged in with an account in TestFlight, then logged out and used another Apple ID, attempting to invite the user may result in the email going to the old Apple ID associated with the initial account connected to TestFlight.

In summary, it seems that there is a bug causing this inconvenient situation. It is recommended to follow the steps discussed in the video transcript to address this issue effectively. If you are experiencing this problem, give the suggested solutions a try and share your feedback in the comments.

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