Can’t redeem an invitation code in TestFlight app? Try this

If you're facing difficulties redeeming an invitation code in the TestFlight app, there may be a solution that could work for you. According to a video transcript, the issue could be related to a bug within iOS that affects the app's functionality. Here is a step-by-step guide to potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Accept Terms of Services: After installing the TestFlight app on your device, ensure that you also accept the terms of services. This step is crucial but may sometimes be skipped by users, leading to glitches in the app.
  2. Log in on Desktop: To address the redemption issue, try logging into the TestFlight app on your Mac desktop using the same Apple ID associated with your iOS device.
  3. Download TestFlight App for Mac: Visit the Mac App Store, download the TestFlight app on your desktop, and log in with your Apple ID. Make sure to accept the terms of services and complete the log-in process.
  4. Return to iPhone: Once you've completed the above steps on your desktop, try logging back into the TestFlight app on your iPhone with the same Apple ID. You should now see the accept button and be able to redeem invitation codes successfully.

Following these steps could potentially resolve the redemption issue some users are experiencing with the TestFlight app. If you've tried this solution, feel free to share your experience in the comments section. It's essential to troubleshoot such issues effectively, as redemption of invitation codes is crucial for app testing and development purposes.

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