Can’t see Next Grant in Worldcoin anymore….

So I don't see the next grant in the Worldcoin app anymore; something weird is happening. As you can see, if I go to the grant step, usually in the very top bars, there would be the next grant with a countdown. However, now it is missing. What's going on here? This app is quite glitchy, and it seems to be a recurring issue. Just a few days ago, I couldn't see the Genesis grant, and now it's appearing again. There have been discrepancies such as Worldcoin showing zero and then the full amount, indicating technical bugs.

Here are some observations:

  1. Missing Next Grant countdown.
  2. Glitches in the app.
  3. Reports of users being unable to withdraw their Worldcoins fully.

The next grant is usually scheduled for the day after the previous one ends, so we should see if the grant is available on March 12th. Speculations include the possibility that Worldcoin may have halted new grants due to the rise in price or might reduce the grant amounts. Reports from the official subreddit mention users experiencing withdrawal issues despite verification.

Two suggested scenarios:

  1. Technical glitch due to known app bugs.
  2. Halting of new grants by Worldcoin.

Further insights may be gained after March 12th when the next grant is anticipated. If you have additional information or insights, please feel free to share in the comments.

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