Can’t verify in Saturn app? Try this

If you're using the Saturn app and encountering difficulties verifying your account, we have a handy solution for you. Simply follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Tap on the yellow button: In the app, locate and tap on the yellow button that's causing the verification problem.
  2. Go to the help section: Once you tap the yellow button, you'll see a menu appear. Look for the option labeled "help" and tap on it.
  3. Check your school emails: If you find that nothing happens after tapping on "help," the most straightforward method is to ensure you have access to your school email. Different schools may have different setups, but typically, your school email is associated with either Google or Microsoft Cloud. Make sure you have access to your school email account.
  4. Sign in with Google or Microsoft: Once you have access to your school email, you can sign in to the Saturn app using either your Google or Microsoft account. This should grant you the verification you need.
  5. Contact support if needed: If you're still experiencing issues with verification, there is an option to contact support within the app. Tap on "contact support" and select the "trouble verifying" option. This will allow you to reach out for assistance.
  6. Explain the problem: After selecting the "trouble verifying" option, you'll be prompted to provide details about the issue. Describe the problem you're facing regarding the verification process and proceed with submitting your query.
  7. Seek further assistance: Once you've reached out to the support team, they will guide you further in resolving the verification problem. Be sure to follow any instructions they provide.

By following these steps, you should be able to overcome any difficulties you encounter while trying to verify your account in the Saturn app. Remember, accessing your school email is crucial for a smooth verification process.

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