Can’t watch TikTok without an app - SOLVED

Can't watch Tik Tok without an app? The problem has been solved. A recent update to the Tik Tok platform seems to have disabled the ability to watch Tik Tok videos in a browser without installing the app. This has caused inconvenience for many users who preferred not to have the Tik Tok app on their phones.

Previously, it was possible to watch Tik Tok videos without installing the app by simply clicking on a video link sent by someone. However, with the recent update, this feature seems to have been disabled. Users who try to watch Tik Tok videos in their browser encounter issues after updating the app.

Here is a workaround that has been recommended by users on Reddit:

  • If you have a Tik Tok video URL in your browser, follow these steps:
  1. Delete everything after the question mark in the URL.
  2. After deleting the question mark and everything that follows, the video should be watchable in the browser again.

This solution seems to be working for users who prefer not to have the Tik Tok app on their phones but still want to watch Tik Tok videos shared by others.

The popularity of Tik Tok continues to grow, with many users sharing videos on the platform. By following this workaround, users can still enjoy watching Tik Tok videos without having to install the app. Try out this fix and see if it works for you.

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