CapCut - Try this template - how to create templates from TikTok?

here is this app cap cut try this template what does it mean so I think is the app developed by by tens which is also the developer of tick tock so yeah you can just tap on use a template in capca and then uh yeah it just copies this viral template to capcat app obviously you need to download capcat app it's free you don't need to pay for it so I understand and then you can just tap use template you need to grab a cap cut access to all copies and then you just need to select two clips with which you want to use this template so yeah that's the idea and then for example here you can just select two photos so this is a viral viral trend of uh uh yeah like people are checking out their moon phases and comparing it with their girlfriend boyfriend moon phase it's kind of going viral but you of course you can use any other capcat template that's why this app is quite viral because you can easily create all this templates for tick tocks um yeah that's basically the process

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