Carpin - Find Family & Friends - app overview

hello everyone here is the app which is called carpin find family and friends this is this is the app which helps you to attract and connect your family so imagine your parents and you're going to school and then you have um yeah like you just want to know where your keys at or like where your friends are at and you can just see their like uh location on the map and see their full daily activities how they're driving or are they on the trip or you can also message them and then you can also send this kind of source messages to specific people um yeah so that's the app there are a bunch of apps like that but this is one of the cool ones easy to use so when you sign up you have two options either to join a circle for that you need a code or to create your own circle then you're kind of the manager of that that circle so then here you just created that and then uh you can just add people so this is the invite code so you can invite people from contacts invite this phone number shares this invitation because these people you want to be in your circle and that's the code here and then you can see it in the sidebar and that's my circle then you can just check in um if you want like uh your check-in and all other people see that on on their location in this app then you can just add some places you can just at home school workplace and this is the better way to just navigate then there are chats so you can just add members here then you can just drive and see how everyone is driving where everyone is going battery alert you can see maybe if the battery goes down then there are settings uh my circles map mode distance units apps about then there's like a privacy policy all of that um yeah then there is your account profile edit you can change your account name change photo you can confirm that and then you can see like your notifications you can sign out um then yeah you can unlock premium full access try three days for free uh what it means you can create unlimited circles and work all location history unlimited user tracking so it's then 79.99 per week and after that it's again 7.99 per week so there is no really like a trial or some discount uh but this this is nice this is nice app okay so there is like a three-day free trial what i was telling is like the design is really simple it's very minimalistic easy to use so that's the cool app uh if you want to create unlimited circles that can be a good option to upgrade for you because uh maybe you just have a family circle maybe you have a friend circle so these are just different circles um so yeah something like that that's the app hope that is helpful

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