Cash App DRAKE Pre-Sale - how to get tickets?

Here's a cash app and they have a Drake pre-sale, Drake tickets pre-sale only with a cash card. So how to use it? So just go to Discover tab second from the right in the bottom, and then just tap here. You can see it starts at 3rd March, 12 p.m. Eastern. And then you can get access to Drake pre-sale. How it works? So you can just, you need to order a cash card. So you need to have an account in a cash app and then order a cash card and use it instantly. Add money to your balance ticket, start at 69.50 plus taxes and fees. And then you need to top up this cash card. And then once the pre-sale is live, you'll just need to enter your offer passcode, the first nine digits on a cash card to get access and pay with cash card. After you find your venue and pick your seats, don't forget to use cash card at checkouts to buy tickets. So that's the process. You can unlock it with a cash app. Yeah, so try it out. You can also just share it. And then yeah, you can just go to cash.apps.drakepresale. I hope this was helpful.

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