Cash App - “FAMILY ACCOUNT NOT APPROVED” - what does it mean?

So when you see this in your activity notification and Cash App, it just says family account not approved. So what does it mean? And then you can see the big red button in the bottom, request not approved. So you can reach out to Cash App support and all of that, but what does it mean? So basically, probably you try to create family account and if you say I am a teen, then you just enter your information and then you request an approval from your sponsor. It can be your parent or some other person who is 18 years old and who just needs to approve your account as a teenager. So in case you're a teenager, you're between 13 years old and 18 years old, so you're not adult yet, but you still can use Cash App, but someone older needs to approve you to do that. And this notification means that basically you are not approved by that person. Maybe there is an error or you just need to talk to your parent or to your sponsor, maybe it was a mistake or they just fill out your teen application, you send that button and they, on their side, they receive notification and they need to approve you. And then you as a teenager, you will be able to use the app, to send money, to even invest in Bitcoin and stocks, but your parent or your sponsor in Cash App, you'll just be able to see all the activity on your side. So yeah, that's basically the idea. Hope it clarifies things. You can always reach out to Cash App support, but their chat is kind of super slow. And then you just probably need to call them and it can take some time, so it's just easier to talk to your sponsor.

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