Cash App - how to register as a TEENAGER? From 13+ age

Here is CashApp and they have a new feature from CashApp where you can register as a teenager. So now you can use it from 13+. So anyhow, what you need to do is just go to your profile account in the top right and then go to family accounts and from here you can just see that there is like a family account and even if you're 13+, you can be set up in minutes and used immediately pending approval. So kind of your parents need to approve your teen account. So that's your family account and you can deposit money, you can spend it, you can exchange with friends and family, but your parents will still be able to see your activity and you can also invest. But to register as a teen, just tap teen button in the bottom right and then just tap next. Then for example, you can just enter your birthdate. CashApp is available to ages 13+. So yeah, at least I think you need to be like, yeah. For example, so this way you're kind of like 15 now, let's say, and then you can just get approved. Since you're under 18, you will need a parent to sign off on the family account. Once they do, you'll be able to bank with instant payments, get the free cash card, place deposit paychecks, a place to deposit paychecks and a place to send or receive money for free. You can also invest and then you can stay safe with family visibility. So your parent or guardian can check and manage your activity and then just need to tap request approval. So that's the process. Just tap this button and then you will be able to request their approval. Hope this is helpful.

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