Cash App - how to upload a file or photo via support chat?

Hey there, so here is CashApp. So if you go to your account in top right, then you can reach out to support and to upload a file or upload a photo, if you're just going to the chat, you can just tap plus icon in the bottom left and then from here you can just tap upload a file for example or you can tap upload photo from your recent camera roll. So that can be quite helpful because, yeah, for example if you give a call to their support, here you can just give them a call, like if you do that maybe they will ask you for some proof or some additional documents or something like that. So I guess that the easiest way to provide additional files or photos is just by sending them via this chat. So that's basically the idea. Yeah, so in case you need that, again you can just upload a photo or file here. It's not possible to send videos I guess or anything, but yeah, you can do it. It's a recent feature I just added, so try it out.

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