Cash App Outage 26-27th May - what you can do?

in case you have issues with the cache app right now these hours so so that you know there is a cache app outage if you go to status page you can see that there is unresolved incident connection issues so people receiving either like pending payment message people are wondering like how how long does this permanent message pending payment status take so it can take actually hours for you um because there is this outage or uh other users getting the message that it says that like your payment will be deposited shortly or something around this line so like it's the payment is just not completed it's just says it will be completed shortly on short time and it's never completes so this is just the identification that cash app is down at this moment you can always check out in their status the issue started on 26th of may it's still unresolved and still users on like twitter support are noticing that like their payments don't go through like uh you can see them the message we are aware of some customers experience connection issues and are currently investigating if your transaction is pending please do not your attempt at this time we'll be back with an update soon thank you for your patience we are continue to investigate the issue because independent impairments and we share additional updates here as we learn more as a reminder and if your transaction is spending please do not attempt at this time thank you for continued passions and understanding while we work to resolve this so that's basically the what's happening right now you can always also go to and subscribe to cash app support on twitter so you can go to here is the official account only use the account with a blue check mark so only the official account and then you can see here that there is still an issue we are currently investigating reports of pending payments and transfers please do not attempt any transactions this time you can visit status dot cash dot app and it's still not resolved so the last update was from from 15 hours ago and it's not resolved yet so that what it is it's just like a cash app outage it's not this issue is not like all the time it's not that frequent but sometimes like i don't know once per month there can be some issue with the cash up so there you have it at least hope this is helpful you can always reach out to cash of support like this here on twitter but i guess like just getting like hundreds of thousands or maybe like i don't know thousands of these requests right now so maybe just wait few hours more maybe don't use cash up right now or don't try to send big payments we have the app so yeah that's what you can do

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