Cash App - “paid by people you know” - what does it mean?

So if you in CashApp go to specific contact, there is some setting here, it says paid by people you know. So what is that? So yeah, this is just some information about specific contacts, which is some like metadata, which can give you some additional info. Like for example, if you just go to your contacts, you can see that this person is in my contacts on the phone. I can see when they joined the CashApp, and then if paid by people you know, yeah, it's just adding a bit of security to this contact that someone you know already paid and transferred money to that person. And that's a bit of like, you know, social proof kind of that, is this is not some kind of scam contact or this is, and you can feel a bit safer about that. Because sometimes if you can see that this person just joined like yesterday or created account one day ago, it's not in the contacts, is not paid by people you know, or something like that, that can raise a bit of suspicion about like, if you wanna transfer some bigger amount and bigger sum of money to that person. So yeah, just be careful with that, but hopefully this social proof items can give you a bit of reassurance that this is a safe contact to transfer money to on CashApp. Yeah, this is just an example I'm going through here.

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