Cash App - PAID BY PEOPLE YOU KNOW - what is it?

As online transactions become more and more prevalent, it's important to ensure that the money you're sending or requesting is going to a trusted source. This is where the "paid by people you know" label on the Cash App comes in handy.

If you go to the Cash App and want to send or request money from someone, you may notice the "paid by people you know" label next to some contacts. But what does it mean, and why does it exist?

As explained in this video transcript, the label signifies that the contact has been paid by other people in your contact list. This adds an extra layer of verification and can help to indicate that the contact is less likely to be a scammer.

If a contact's label is grayed out, it means they haven't been paid by anyone in your contacts. However, if it's green, it means that other people you know have paid that contact before.

While it's not a foolproof guarantee, seeing the "paid by people you know" label can give you greater peace of mind when transferring money on Cash App. It's always a good idea to check this label before sending or requesting money, especially if you're dealing with an unknown or unfamiliar contact.

In summary, the "paid by people you know" label on Cash App is a simple but effective way to help ensure the safety and security of your online transactions. Keep this feature in mind the next time you use the app, and stay smart and cautious when sending and requesting money online.

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