Cash Card double charged - what is the issue?

If you are one of the customers who got double charged on your cash card, then you might be wondering what happened and why it occurred. Luckily, the reason behind it is quite simple - it is just a technical glitch.

According to a video transcript, you can visit to check on the issue. The website states that the cash app team is already aware of the glitch which caused duplicate cash card transactions. Some customers might even see a negative account balance because of this. However, the team is already fixing the problem and will refund any amount that was incorrectly charged.

The website also clarified that your cash balance will reflect the refund, but it may take up to 24 hours for the receipts and activity to be updated. The team is sorry for any difficulties that this may have caused. They are dedicated to protecting every account and transaction on the app, and they do not want their customers to experience any inconvenience.

So, it can be said that the problem is already solved, and you do not need to worry about it. The only wait is for the app to reflect the refunds which may take up to a day.

To know more about the issue, you can also check their Twitter account where they update the status of the problem. Many customers had expressed their frustration about the issue. But with the cash app team handling the technical glitch, you can rest assured that this kind of problem will not persist.

In summary, the cash card double charging issue has already been resolved. The cash app team is refunding any wrongly charged amount, and it may take up to 24 hours for cash balance and receipts to reflect the updates. Customers need not worry as the team is dedicated to protecting their accounts and transactions.

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