uh hello so in chai app after this is an update it says instead of 103 messages it says only 25 text messages left because of the update uh some people are really complaining uh really unhappy it says we already only got 100 messages per day and that goes by pretty fast and only 25 i mean come on really subscriptions prices are yeah also expensive so and people are complaining the subscription prices are like too expensive for the app uh and there are also like this new update uh yeah and pro 25 chats some people write that they are just on some days and then it's like 100 chats other people are writing that it's supposed to be 200 at some point so after some update it should be like 200 text messages after another update so i don't know um what what is your thoughts on this um yeah

Time aan de chhori new status video...
Time aan de chhori new status video Haryanvi
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