Chai app is glitchy & not working, responses are slow

The Chai app is currently experiencing glitches, and users are reporting that it is not working properly. Responses from the app are also slow, compounding the frustration for users.

During a recent incident, users encountered an error message informing them that the app's bots may be experiencing issues due to a service provider outage. The company has acknowledged the problem and is actively working to resolve it. However, the exact timeline for a fix is uncertain.

It appears that these issues tend to occur more frequently during weekends when there is a higher volume of traffic on the Chai app. To mitigate potential problems, users are recommended to use the app on weekdays or try accessing it during off-peak hours.

Additionally, the option to upgrade the app is suggested as a possible solution, although it is not guaranteed to resolve the specific issue at hand. Traditional troubleshooting steps such as closing the app or restarting the phone are unlikely to be effective in this case.

The root cause of the problem lies with one of Chai app's service providers, emphasizing that the issue is external rather than an internal flaw in the app itself.

Users are advised to exercise patience while the problem is being addressed. Typically, such issues are rectified within a few days; however, the exact timeframe remains uncertain.

This recent uptick in technical difficulties has led to users observing increased lag in the Chai app's performance, indicating a broader trend of deteriorating user experience.

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