hey everyone here is locate widget app uh so to change your name how you are displayed in locate widget app basically you can see that if you're trying to add someone and i see all these suggestions so basically these are the people from my phone book from my contact list on iphone so that's how it works in this app there is no separate menu to change your username or full name here it's not possible to add a profile picture or anything like that um yeah that's how this app is working it's like very minimalistic so a lot of people like this app for that um but to change your full name how it works is just your name is just a reflection of what you have in your phone book on on iphone so you just need to go to contacts and then basically add it like your full name here so and then i think it will be reflected in the locate widget app so just change it here and then maybe it will be synced with locket widget app so that's what i would do you can always reach out to send feedback uh like you know from here and then just ask something like that so that's what i would do yeah something around that

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