Changing best friend poses in SnapChat

Changing best friend poses in Snapchat is a feature that many users have been curious about. Snapchat Plus has introduced a new cool feature that allows users to see dual Bitmojis of their best friends, creating a couple Avatar effect. However, the ability to change these Avatars is not currently possible.

Here is a summary of how the feature works based on the video transcript:

  • Upgrade to Snapchat Plus to access the new feature.
  • Find your best friends in the app.
  • View the dual Bitmoji, resembling a couple Avatar.
  • Note that you cannot manually change this Avatar.
  • The Avatar updates automatically after one day.
  • Snapchat may consider adding the option to change poses in future releases.

Many users desire the ability to customize their poses or switch to a different Avatar altogether. Currently, this feature is not available, leaving users with limited options in terms of personalization. It remains to be seen if Snapchat will address this request in upcoming updates.

In the meantime, users are encouraged to explore the existing features of Snapchat Plus and enjoy the experience of seeing dual Bitmojis of their best friends. Stay tuned for any future updates that may enhance the flexibility of changing best friend poses in Snapchat.

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