Changing name on Locket Widget app - is it possible?

is it possible to change a name unlock it widget app it's this very popular question unfortunately there is no like account uh setting here in the locket widget so yep you can't do it from the app one of the suggestion was that basically because this app is uh signing up through your uh through your phone number you can just go to your like contact card in in standard phone app on iphone and then just change your name there so i did that but seems it's not working also my viewers on youtube who had this concern also told me that this this is not working so this is at the moment this kind of some bug which is not sold yet so like just an advice for you when you're creating an account and locate widget app make sure to mention like to be careful with your name because it's not possible to change it later at this moment what you will need to do probably just create a new account and read your friends yeah it's super annoying but that's what's what is possible right now and at the moment you can only add like 20 friends so maybe you can write like 20 friends but yeah probably they will release some kind of updates sooner rather than later and then it will be possible

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