CHANI Astrology guide - how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is the app of the day which is called channy your astrology guide learn reflect grow heal and let's just install this app and see how it works so i'm just using touch id why is it app of the day and yeah why is it interesting so in her namesake apprent astrology and oscar chaney nicholas offers comprehensive horoscopes guided meditations and podcasts to help you lead a more centered mindful life forget one-size-fits-all astrology detailed detailed charts real-time astrology updates and planetary uu so that's about it and then let's just open the app and see how it works exactly so here you can just sign up um so what you need to do is just enter your first name add your email your cell phone okay so it doesn't want my normal number so let's just use some us number so for that sake i will just use another app which is called text now see here i just remember my us phone number use strong password and then just sign up so that's basically how you create an account in this app um there is now some okay then you just need to add your birthday and usually in this app it's like important to add your normal day like and then time of birth uh for now you can proceed with estimated burst time or enter 12 pm noon knowing your reading time will be less precise um city or town and then you just need to search for the city a town and then yeah something like that so in all astrology apps you need this kind of data because that's basically how they work and then that's basically your astrology app you can just see here what's happening so hope that is helpful thank you for watching

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