app - can’t login error SOLVED just login via WEB!

Recently, users of the app encountered a frustrating issue - the inability to log in. Many of these users turned to the comment section of a YouTube channel for a solution. One helpful suggestion was to try logging in through the web version of the app, Surprisingly, this workaround proved to be successful for many users and has solved the login error.

Initially, the app itself was causing problems, preventing users from accessing their accounts. However, by logging in through the web version, users were able to bypass this issue altogether. It's great to see that the developers have provided this alternative login option, ensuring that users can continue to utilize the app's features.

The reliability of the web version of the app seems to be much more consistent compared to the app itself. This discovery has brought relief to many frustrated users who had been unable to access their accounts. The ease of accessing the app through the web has made it a preferred option for some users, regardless of the previous login error they encountered on the app.

If you are still experiencing issues with the app, it is highly recommended to give the web version a try. By logging in via, you can sidestep any potential login errors and access all the functionalities the app has to offer.

Additionally, it is worth considering upgrading to the CAI plus version. This premium option may provide enhanced features and a more seamless user experience. To explore this upgrade, simply access the app through the web version and navigate to the appropriate section to learn more about the benefits of CAI plus.

In conclusion, thanks to the advice of viewers, a solution to the app login error has been found. By logging in via the web version of the app, users can now bypass this obstacle and access their accounts without any further issues. If you continue to encounter problems, remember to explore the option of upgrading to CAI plus for an even more enhanced user experience.

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