app “Currently we are receiving more requests than we are comfortable with” error

The app has been encountering an error message lately, stating, "Currently we are receiving more requests than we are comfortable with." This particular issue has prompted users to try again at a later time and reload the page. The error occurs when attempting to log into the app, even though the user already has an existing account. The login process using Google credentials fails, leading to a blocked page.

Despite this setback, the app still offers some functionalities. It is still possible to create new characters and explore different features. If users are interested in having a chat, they can sign up and exit the registration screen. Doing so will allow them to engage in conversations with characters within the app. However, the inability to log in remains a hindrance.

The occurrence of this error seems to be more prevalent during weekends. It is worth noting that the app is currently in its beta phase, and its servers are unable to handle the influx of users, particularly over the weekends. As a result, it is advisable to use the app on weekdays for a smoother experience.

Alternatively, users can consider using the Talkie app or exploring other similar applications as substitutes until the issue with the app is resolved. This way, they can continue to enjoy similar functionalities without encountering the error.

In conclusion, the app has been experiencing an error message due to a high volume of requests. While this may cause inconvenience during the login process, users can still access certain features within the app. It is recommended to avoid using the app on weekends and explore other alternatives, such as the Talkie app, until the issue is resolved.

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