app - estimated waiting time bug

The app has been gaining popularity for its AI-powered chatbot feature which allows users to create virtual characters and chat with them just like they would with a human. However, there have been reports of an estimated waiting time bug that is causing frustration amongst users.

According to a video transcript from a user, the bug often displays an estimated waiting time of 10-25 minutes before the user can get a response from the chatbot. This waiting time, coupled with the fact that the chatbots also take a lot of time to type a response, can be quite frustrating for many users.

Interestingly, some users have reported that they find the website version of to be less buggy than the app version. For example, while some users have been able to create an account on the website version easily, they have been unable to log in via the app.

Reports suggest that the bug could be affecting some users, while others are able to use the app without any issues. While it is not yet clear why a section of users are facing this estimated waiting time issue, perhaps future updates could resolve the issue.

In the meantime, the issue has been causing great inconvenience to users who rely on the app for virtual character communication. Hopefully,'s developers are already working to iron out the bugs and provide a better user experience for their customers.

For those who are facing this issue, it is recommended to try using the website version of instead, as it seems to be less problematic compared to the app. Additionally, users are advised to be patient while waiting for a response from the chatbot until the bug is resolved.

Overall, the app has shown great potential in virtual character communication, and with quick action from the developers, it can continue to gain popularity.

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